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yoga breast care machine / breast enlargement

brand: RL
price: 50.00元/Set
minimum: 1 Set
Total supply: 999999 Set
Delivery term: The date of payment from buyers Deliver within days
seat: Asia-Pacific China
Validity to: Long-term effective
Last update: 2017-03-19 18:53
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1,Yoga Breast care machine /breast enlargement
2,yoga music pace
3,good quality and quickly effect
4,factory manufactured

Equipment Description:


Low frequency electromagnetic breast enhancement principle:
       Using the low current in the human body by the formation of the magnetic field, the operator does not need to use any force. Using techniques to carry out breast enhancement, when the current magnetic field through the chest,people  will feel slightly hemp . It is because the magnetic field of the current specific block areas, in further de-congest and scattered sake, activating the mammary gland factor, making its resurrection, regeneration, the new development growth. At the same time through the chest meridian, connecting the lymphatic, promoting lymph circulation, achieving breast adipose tissue regeneration resurrection, breast adipose accumulate thickening, realizing increased, plump and stronger effect.


Rhythm physical adsorption breast enhancement principle:
    1, Breast enhancement to instrument is based on physical adsorption for principle. According to the human body physiology and invention,it   focus on the most direct and efficient chest movement fitness equipment.
    2, Using the biological modelling technology to drainage  the secretion of peak female ethanol in the human body to the breast,helps breasts into a target organ of female alcohol, activating the plasma of adipose corner in the breast, so that the breast  increases in size.
    3,Its strong subtle movement to get exercise fully muscle tissue, and the nervous system stimulates the female ethanol secretion , so as to achieve the effect of natural breast enhancement.
    4,Through the breast enhancement of the apparatus used to adsorb principle can exercise the muscle flexibility function, so as to improve the chest filled with nature and have a stronger effect. Its to absorb put movement and produced constantly exercise can also stimulate the chest  and breast, to promote the bosom  growth .
    5,At the same time suck put movement still can make breast adipose corner quickly.
    6,At the same time free up the chest of the meridians, connecting the lymphatic, promoting lymph circulation,  which can effectively eliminate the bump, prevent mammary gland hyperplasia , breast disease and balance endocrine, etc. They all  have a significant effect.  

Vibration breast enhancement principle:
     Microwave vibration, the activation of the root each breast on seconds , make dysplasia or atrophy flagging bosom produce automatic  movement,and  let flat little, flagging bosom  develop again, build strong and   full  twin peaks.




Function characteristics:


1,  Yoga Majestouch:In India, yoga master can enter into a vacant state, in that people and I both forgotten state, their hands and mind can get perception of third party spirit and heart, Yoga Majestouch, wonderful biological energy breakthrough function, let every beautiful bosom teacher immediately become yoga master, filled with both hands of 45 V biological energy, the wonder of your fingers can sense the customer breast every bit of subtle beat, or even a root catheter obstruction, and then to pacify it, counseling it and get through it, and also tightens ascension.

2,  Yoga cover cup :Revolutionary intelligent cover cup design, completely according to the human body engineering learn to make, four big dance function, make a breast dancing with the rhythm of the music, more yoga more effect.


   a ,Intelligent dancing far infrared:According to the music beats and  the change of  customers heart to the far infrared can have wavelength and the irregular change intelligent spectral rhythm, different wavelengths that can penetrate to different breast tissue, it can eliminate breast deposition congestion and diminish inflammation sterilization.

    b,Intelligent increasing oxygen pressurization:Simulation forest oxygen bar of the anion of 40% oxygen, along with the rhythm of the music to make breast produce negative pressure oxygen and produce the absorption biological feel  .negative oxygen in three atmospheric pressure pressurization can instantly penetrate into the circulation system makes cycle speeds up, open clogged catheter and promoting hormones. 

   c,Intelligent energy electric field:Four big magnetic field can according to music beats and electric field customer heartbeat induction chest resonance, produce kneading knock push packed with biological feel, at the same time as music beat change milk cavity magnetic field, promote cells rapid proliferation to make breast enhanced.

    d,Intelligent oscillator:Hidden landfill four intelligent oscillator, with the rhythm of the music can adjust the vibration direction, frequency, make a breast to produce all sorts of yoga movement.



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