2013 DS-689F Far Infrared Sauna Dome CE (HS)

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Far Infrared Sauna Dome CE
1.Heat Focus&High Efficiency
2.German Precise Control Tech.
3.Promote metabolism
4.Japan FIR Tech

DS-689F Far Infrared Sauna Dome CE  


Far Infrared Medical Healing Worldwide
Far infrared treatments are nothing new and over the last 25 years, extensive research has been carried out worldwide on the medical benefits of far infrared particularly from countries like Japan and China. Japan even have their own "Infrared Society" consisting of a team of highly qualified medical professionals doctors and therapists who are dedicated to FIR research and some of their findings listed below support the outstanding health benefits of infrared therapy as a method of healing.

Very successful results for:
Asthma, bronchitis
Ear Diseases
Rheumatoid arthritis
Cirrhosis of the liver
Crohn's Disease (Ileitis)
Duodenal ulcers
Leg ulcers
Muscle Spasms
Post-Exercise Muscle Pain
Shoulder Stiffness
Spinal Chord Shock

Symptoms significantly reduced for:
Benign prostatic hypertrophy
Brain Contusion
Cancer pain
Cold hands and feet
Compression fracture pain
Eczema and Psoriasis
High blood pressure
Deltoid Muscular Problems
Menopause Pain
Muscle Tension
Nose bleeding
Post-surgical adhesions
Radiation sickness
Sequelae of strokes
Skin Conditions

How Far Infrared Rays (FIR) Work 

1. The intensity of FIR produced by the human body constantly fluctuates. When its intensity is high, we feel healthy and are able to overcome ailments. When the FIR begins to decline, we are subject to attacks of illness and tend to age more quickly.

2. FIR stimulates cellular metabolism which increases the body’s regenerative ability and helps restore the proper function of the nervous system. When any tissue in the body is exposed to FIR the body’s healing processes are activated. Studies suggest FIR helps to maintain general health and prevent disease. FIR is capable of penetrating deep into the human body, gently expanding capillaries and stimulating blood circulation. So FIR stimulates the production of cell tissue and rapidly promotes the regeneration of skin and blood tissue.

3. Far Infra Red helps relieve chronic fatigue, stress, nervous tension, toxicity, arthritis, insomnia, rheumatism, pain, high cholesterol levels, diabetes, back problems, muscle pain, abnormal nerve function, sports injuries, respiratory ailments, digestive disorders, poor circulation, viruses,  and much more. It also helps with the excretion of harmful substances such as heavy metals, it stimulates enzyme activity in the body and reduces acidity.

4. It aids detoxification, improves metabolism, boosts the immune system, eliminates waste from the body, improves lymph drainage, prevents the growth of bacteria and much more.

How safe is the FAR infrared sauna?  Are there any side effects?

1. The FAR infrared sauna is completely safe.  This is the exact opposite end of the spectrum from ultraviolet (UV) waves and is nothing like microwaves.  UV overexposure has repeatedly been shown to be bad for your skin whether from regularly going to tanning salons or laying in the sun until you burn. 
2. FAR infrared waves are the healthful part of going into the sun.  We all need a bit of sun exposure for vitamin D production and other reasons.  But when we get too much exposure, the UV damage far outweighs the infrared benefits.  With an infrared sauna you can gain the beneficial exposure and not be exposed to the UV at all.


Benefit of FIR 'Sweatless' Sauna in Comparison to Conventional Saunas


"Traditional wisdom has suggested that saunas work largely by promoting detoxification through the sweat," says John C. Cline, M.D., B.Sc., C.C.F.P., A.B.C.T., Medical Director of the Cline Medical Centre and Oceanside Functional Medicine Research Institute, Canada. "Saunas also stimulate cells to release toxins which can then be eliminated by the liver and bowel. Several published studies have now shown that this hypothermic therapy can bring about the rapid removal of a wide range of toxic substances from the human body." The FIR energy emitted in these saunas may induce two or three times the sweat volume of conventional saunas, yet they operate at a much cooler air temperature range: about 110 - 130 deg F, compared with 180 - 235 deg F in a conventional sauna. Many individuals who cannot tolerate a conventional sauna, steam room or sweat lodge will find FIR saunas pleasant. The lower heat range is also safer for those with cardiovascular risk factors or fragile health because lower temperatures don't dramatically elevate heart rate and blood pressure.



Dr John C. Cline, M.D., B.Sc., C.C.F.P., A.B.C.T.


1. Weight Loss 
2. Detoxify Effect – improve health by ridding your body of toxins 
3. Cardiovascular conditioning - can decrease heart failure and hypertension 
4. Alleviates Muscle and Joint Pain – great for arthritis and rheumatism sufferers. They are also excellent for athletes when warming up or cooling down as infrared saunas will increase muscle length 
5. Relieves Stress – will leave you feeling rejuvenated 
6. Improved Immune System – increase resistance to disease 
7. Improved Skin Tone and Elasticity 
8. Helps Skin Problems; helps heal scars, burns, acne, eczema, psoriasis 
9. Reduce Cellulite 

10. Improves male sexual function; Infrared Saunas have been shown to increase the production of nitric oxide. 
A single person can have the infrared sauna set up and ready to use in under an hour! 

Technical Data


FIR Dome Sauna

Size of cover


Heating blanket size


Ceramic Heater


Size of Floor Mat


Size of Bag









Power Cord

Plug to controler:250cm

Controler to radiator:250cm






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