Japan Material Infrared Sauna Fitness Belt, Slimming Body Wraps For Keeping Fit

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           Japan Material Infrared Sauna Fitness Belt, Slimming Body Wraps For Keeping Fit  

 "FIR sauna technology is the only proven and most efficacious way of getting rid of storedenvironmental chemicals. I'm convinced that the far infrared sauna is something everyoneshould do to restore health"- Sherry Rogers MD, Northeast Center for Environmental Medicine. Author of Tired or Toxic? Detoxify or Die

Deep Detox

1. We live in a polluted world. In the last fifty years it has been estimated that 5 million new chemicals have been created by man, of which 75,000 are in regular everyday use. 

2. These chemicals are present in our environment and we absorb them through food, water, by inhalation and through our skins. Many of them are fat soluble and bio-accumulate in our bodies. 

3. Most of these chemicals are known toxins that are the root cause all sorts of diseases and ill health. 

4. There is a direct correlation between external pollution and the internal pollution of the human body. External toxicity of food, air and water always causes internal toxicity of blood, tissues and cellular fluids. These toxic conditions become the breeding grounds for disease and degeneration.

Passive Exercise

1. While you relax in your FIR sauna, your body is hard at work 

2. A 30-minute session creates the same amount of perspiration and cardiovascular activity as a six-mile run.

3. The body uses several means to cool itself as it reacts to the deeply warming effect of FIR.

4. Heart rate, cardiac output and metabolic rate increase and blood vessels dilate to move warmed blood from the interior of the body towards the skin.

5. Oxygen-rich blood is delivered to oxygen-depleted muscles. Heat is transferred from the blood to the sweat and is released through evaporation on the skin. This provides similar cardiovascular benefits to those from working-out.

6. NASA first researched this "passive exercise" effect and determined FIR to be an ideal way to maintain astronauts’ cardiovascular fitness during long space flights.

How Far Infrared Rays (FIR) Work?

1. The intensity of FIR produced by the human body constantly fluctuates. When its intensity is high, we feel healthy and are able to overcome ailments. When the FIR begins to decline, we are subject to attacks of illness and tend to age more quickly.

2. FIR stimulates cellular metabolism which increases the body’s regenerative ability and helps restore the proper function of the nervous system. When any tissue in the body is exposed to FIR the body’s healing processes are activated. Studies suggest FIR helps to maintain general health and prevent disease. FIR is capable of penetrating deep into the human body, gently expanding capillaries and stimulating blood circulation. So FIR stimulates the production of cell tissue and rapidly promotes the regeneration of skin and blood tissue.

3. Far Infra Red helps relieve chronic fatigue, stress, nervous tension, toxicity, arthritis, insomnia, rheumatism, pain, high cholesterol levels, diabetes, back problems, muscle pain, abnormal nerve function, sports injuries, respiratory ailments, digestive disorders, poor circulation, viruses,  and much more. It also helps with the excretion of harmful substances such as heavy metals, it stimulates enzyme activity in the body and reduces acidity.

4. It aids detoxification, improves metabolism, boosts the immune system, eliminates waste from the body, improves lymph drainage, prevents the growth of bacteria and much more.

1. Weight Loss; Inches Shorten
2. Detoxify Effect – improve health by ridding your body of toxins 
3. Cardiovascular conditioning - can decrease heart failure and hypertension 
4. Alleviates Muscle and Joint Pain – great for arthritis and rheumatism sufferers. They are also excellent for athletes when warming up or cooling down as infrared saunas will increase muscle length 
5. Relieves Stress – will leave you feeling rejuvenated 
6. Improved Immune System – increase resistance to disease 
7. Improved Skin Tone and Elasticity 
8. Helps Skin Problems; helps heal scars, burns, acne, eczema, psoriasis 
9. Reduce Cellulite

10. Improves male sexual function; Infrared Saunas have been shown to increase the production of nitric oxide. 
A single person can have the infrared sauna set up and ready to use in under an hour! 

Dangers of Using Infrared Saunas
These are to be taken seriously and avoided as much as possible when it comes to patients who have certain medical problems who don't qualify as advisable users of this kind of sauna.
1. Can cause heat exhaustion or a heat stroke.
2. Affects mobilized toxins.
3. Not good for those who drink alcohol before entering this kind of sauna.
4. Can cause dehydration if one doesn't keep drinking water during the process.
5. Can cause problems for those who suffer from or had.
6. Silicon implants
7. Unstable angina pectoris
8. Strokes in the past
9. Taken steroids
10. Heart attacks
11. Brain tumors
12. Depletes one's electrolytes through sweating.
13. Can interfere with the effects or absorption of medicines.
14. Those who have diabetes, any kind of implant (metal plates, rods and so on) or multiple sclerosis, should first consult a doctor before stepping into an infrared sauna room.
Using an infrared sauna for weight loss seems like a pretty neat idea to try out, but are you willing to risk your health to shed those pounds? People will try anything even if it kills them, which is the sad truth. It is better to think it over before subjecting yourself to these infrared rays.

Technical data:

Input Volts: AC220-240V, 50Hz

Power: 60W

Temperature Setting: 35°C~75°C

Time Setting: 5~60 minutes







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