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New Technology 2016 high intensity ultrasound for wrinkle

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New Technology 2016 high intensity ultrasound for wrinkle  

Dual HIFU lifting Handles with different sizes

VDFU-Vertical Dynamic Focused Ultrasonic

VSFU-Vertical Spot Focused Ultrasonic

Target a special anchoring point

Product Description



  • Intruduction of New Technology 2016 high intensity ultrasound for wrinkle  
  1. HIFU lifting is a highly precise medical procedure that applies high-intensity Ultrasonic 
    to locally heat and destroy diseased or damaged tissue through ablation.
  2. Ultrasonic beams are focused on diseased tissue, and due to the significant energy deposition atthe focus, temperature within the tissue can rise to levels from 65° to 85°C destroying the diseased tissue by coagulation necrosis.
  3. Higher temperature levels are typically avoided to prevent boiling of liquids inside the tissue.
  4. Thanks to the HIFU lifting technology, the iHIFU lifting can deliver strong heat energy to the deep skin withoutinvasive surgery and induce collagen's active production.
  5. iHIFU lifting is a new type of non-invasive treatment for facial lifting and body’s lifting, and tightening of 
    loose skin using Ultrasonic energy.
  6. Ultrasonic beauty technology introduced to the beauty field from 80s and become popular as its
    wide care range and rapid effect as well as high healing ratio and simply operation, also become
    the most popular and practical instrument in beauty field.
  7. With the development of science technology, the new era of professional ultrasonic beauty instrument launched in market. 
  8. Popularised by all the customers as its brilliant quality,multifunction,and deluxe appearance. 


  • Function and theory of New Technology 2016 high intensity ultrasound for wrinkle  
  1. Mechanical function: 
    Using 300 million time per second mechanical vibration to make the whole
    body vibrate and do the special cell massage function, also improve cell metabolism and blood 
    circulation as well as activate cell and keep skin tissue nutrient, thus to make the skin shine and stretchy.
  2. Warming function: 
    Ultrasonic heating function by means of changing blood vessel function 
    and metabolism procedure, riches blood circulation and slow down the cell excited point, 
    help to relief pain. Also it could loosen the nerve muscle and resist muscular nerve.
  3. Chemical function: 
    Ultrasonic wave could do stimulating effect and speed up metabolism. 
    Also it could make the pH value change into alkaline trend and do good for drug penetration
    as well as improve the drug sterilize ability.

  • Indications of New Technology 2016 high intensity ultrasound for wrinkle
  1. Eliminate wrinkles, improve lifting skin, ultrasonic is strong, high energy, a million times per second
    softly massage, making skin cell shaking, producing tiny massage, changing cell volume, improving the the blood and lymph circulation, strengthen cell permeability, improving organization's metabolism and and regeneration. Softening organization, stimulating nerve system and cell function, making skin luster and elasticity.
  2. Remove black eye, To tie in eye care digest, proceeding repair nursing care, removing black eyes, eye bag and fine lines.
  3. Remove skin stain, use ultrasonic beauty equipment to massage for 15 minutes, the temperature
    of supersonic can soak your skin six centimeters, making blood and lymph circulating, accelerate
    cell blood circulating, active the reaction of cell organ organization, decreasing various stain, making skin fair and white, making cell regeneration.
  4. Remove acne, because of too much sebum blocking pore results in acne, making a million times
    shaking per second in deep tissue can stimulate organization, promote metabolism, release waste material, it can also remove aged cuticle ,clean pore thorough so that can restrain acne.
  5. Partial/lose weight, Match up with weight loss pictures, according to the weight loss pictures, you
    can lose your weight successfully. Because the shaking of ultrasonic can promote some part of
    fat’s temperature, so fat will dissolve and burnt into heat energy and release. Use ultrasonic in some fat part can achieve Partial weight-loss result. only 15 minutes per time a day ultrasonic therapy for double chin or rough arms. If match up with firming production or increase used times, obvious results will be seen in a few days.


  • Treatment Results of New Technology 2016 high intensity ultrasound for wrinkle



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  • about Our Company ( Assessed Supplier)
  1. Guangzhou HEMS Technology Co., Ltd is a Manufactuer, which specailize in reseach & development & sale together for medical aesthetic machines.
  2. Our key beauty equipment technology: HIFU high intensity Ultrasonic HIFU Slimming Machine, cooling, Ultra cavitation Vacuum  lipolysis, ESWT Shock wave therapy, AWT Acoustic wave therapy, PEMF, RF Radio Frequency, Laser, Dermabrasion, oxygen therapy, pressotherapy lymph drainage, ect. 
  3. Our company has a cooperation manufacturing factory in China and a R&D Center in Korea.

Feel free to contact us for further information please!

Mobile or What's App: 0086-15918708536

SKYPE: Verachhh

Email: vera.hems(at) 


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