Support the Domestic Abuse Helpline

When you support the work of DAHMW, you can have the satisfaction of being among the innovators on the forefront of change. The realities of IPA (Intimate Partner Abuse) are just beginning to be recognized for what it is — a relationship problem that can affect anyone.

With your help, we can begin to find practical solutions that allow individuals and families the tools and help they need to heal. There are so many ways you can help! Supporting our work does not always require money; sometimes it’s time and effort that is needed.  


  • Tell the people you know about us
  • Link to our site on your blog or website.
  • Print some of our brochures and other materials (found on our Resources Page), and distribute them in your community.
  • Become a member of our cause and donate on facebook



  • We recognize that people have busy, hectic, lives but would still like to do something of value for their communities. Contributions by check or money order may be mailed to:
  • Domestic Abuse Helpline, Box 252 Harmony, Maine 04942
  • Or Donate via PayPal by clicking below:


Raise money for us just by shopping online at your favorite stores through (A quick registration is required):

Raise money for us by using the below iSearch feature through iGive to search the web instead of your usual search engine (No registration required):

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